We are the Black Feminist Fund

One of a kind funding focused explicitly on supporting Black feminist movements.

The first global institution of its kind, we are ambitiously funding movements doing powerful, transformative, and intersectional work. We support movements that are fighting against systems of oppression and building another world that is affirming of Black women and gender expansive people. We are changing the way Black feminist groups are supported.

The Black Feminist Fund emerged from a decade-long conversation between a group of Black feminists with a vision. It started just like that: Black feminists sitting around the kitchen table sharing our thoughts, feelings, and frustrations about Black women and gender expansive people’s organizing being unrecognized, disempowered, lacking resources, and the constant need to do twice as much for half as little.

Through research, we get to the bottom of the under-resourcing of Black feminist movements. We reveal the extent and the reasons for philanthropy missing the mark. But we don’t stop there. We seek to change it.

Help us fund Black feminist movements like you want them to win!

In our first year of grantmaking, the Black Feminist Fund has disrupted deeply rooted gendered and racialized biases in access to funding by giving eight-year core grants.

We are changing the way Black feminist groups are resourced. Together, we can do more. 

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