Commitment to Accessibility and Language Justice

​The Black Feminist Fund is committed to creating spaces, and engagement (virtual and in-person) where every individuals accessibility needs are met. We aim to create environments where every person can experience and participate in a similar amount of time and effort. Our team is on a learning journey towards becoming a Fund and a convenor that can embody this principle of accessibility for all those we are honored to have in our community. As we grow and make mistakes, we hope that our community can share their feedback with us on how we might improve. With all of their accessibility as designing and implementing support, we can truly model the kind of vehicle for all Black feminists in all of our diversities.

Below are a few ways we hope you can experience our commitment, accessibility and language justice in all our programs:


  • Interpretation: The BFF will aim to offer interpretation in French, Spanish, English and Portuguese.
  • Sign Language: The BFF will work with a Black woman-led firm to have our materials provided in sign language so that they are accessible in multiple ways to hearing impaired viewers.
  • Internet access is a privilege: The BFF will explore different ways to ensure that all convenings, gatherings, and resources are accessible to movement partners with limited internet access.

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