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October 2021

Social Justice Leaders on What Matters: Hilary Pennington with Tynesha McHarris

September 2021

Meet the Black Feminist Fund founders out to transform philanthropy

August 2021

Women in the Global South Must Be at the Forefront of Our Climate Emergency Response

0.1% of the World's Philanthropic Money Goes to Black Feminist Activitsts - This Global Organization is Working to Change That

July 2021

Want gender equality? Then fund the real change-makers: feminist movements

Justin Trudeau: We can smash one of the defining inequalities of our time

Let’s talk about Black women and leadership

April 2021

Ford Launches Fund to Support Black Women Worldwide

A philanthropic drive to aid Black women is gaining momentum

March 2021

Ford Foundation commits $15 million to Black Feminist Fund

These women are challenging inequality—and winning

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