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April 2024


A Place for Theory: Finding Ceremony at the Black Feminisms Forum

March 2024


A Love Letter to Black Feminist Movements: Reflections on Black Feminisms Forum


Building a base of Black feminist power in philanthropy

February 2024


Black Feminists Together Creating Magic In Paradise: Four key insights from my first Black Feminisms Forum


Global Forum of 300 Black Women Meeting In Barbados – Building Black Feminist Worlds


A Love Letter to Black Feminist Movements


Tica gana beca y participa en Foro Internacional de Feminismos Negros en Barbados

May 2023


Black Feminist Movements Are In A Crisis Due To A Lack Of Funding, Here’s What You Should Know


Black Feminist Movements Face Crisis Due To Lack Of Funding

April 2023


The Money for and against Black Feminist Movements: Insights from the Black Feminist Fund

March 2023


Top 10 Feminist Giving Moves for March 2023 and Bargain on Book: Black Feminist Fund Releases Research and Open Letter to Philanthropy

January 2023


Major funders call for increased support of Black feminists

October 2022


Let Black women-led funds and Black girls lead the way: Centering Black women-led funds to lead social justice efforts - Monique Couvson with Tynesha McHarris

October 2021

Social Justice Leaders on What Matters: Hilary Pennington with Tynesha McHarris

September 2021

Meet the Black Feminist Fund founders out to transform philanthropy

August 2021

Women in the Global South Must Be at the Forefront of Our Climate Emergency Response

0.1% of the World's Philanthropic Money Goes to Black Feminist Activitsts - This Global Organization is Working to Change That

July 2021

Want gender equality? Then fund the real change-makers: feminist movements

Justin Trudeau: We can smash one of the defining inequalities of our time

Let’s talk about Black women and leadership

April 2021

Ford Launches Fund to Support Black Women Worldwide

A philanthropic drive to aid Black women is gaining momentum

March 2021

Ford Foundation commits $15 million to Black Feminist Fund

These women are challenging inequality—and winning

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