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“There’s a trust gap between some in philanthropy and the leadership of Black women and Black gender expansive folks… There isn’t that trust that means ‘I trust your leadership. I trust you to be able to take the resources and do what needs to get done. I trust that you will use these resources with deep integrity.”

Ford Foundation

In 2018, out of nearly $70 billion in foundation giving globally, less than half of one percent went to Black feminist social movements. Within more targeted human rights philanthropy, only five percent of funded organizations focused on issues affecting Black women, girls and trans and gender non-conforming people. And just one grant was given to support international Black feminist organizing.

This year, a new philanthropic organization, the Black Feminist Fund (BFF), was launched to tackle that problem.”

MS Magazine

“Funding efforts led by Indigenous women, Black women, women from low-income communities, women with disabilities and women from the Global South will also be extremely important—a vision already set forth by the Black Feminist Fund, which recently became the first global fund addressing key issues facing Black women.”

Open Democracy

Want gender equality? Then fund the real change-makers: feminist movements

GNN Liberia

“Black feminists are changing the world and we deserve resourcing that matches the boldness of our visions,”

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A Love Letter to Black Feminist Movements

I remember the first time I settled into the embrace of Black feminism made flesh. It was September 2016 and I had joined 200 other people on the Bahian shore of the Atlantic Ocean to get a small taste of a wild dream: the one-of-a-kind Black Feminist Forum.

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A Love Letter to Black Feminist Movements

A Love Letter to Black Feminist Movements

"The Black Feminist Fund is the legacy that we have inherited; as much as it is the culmination of a collective dream; as much as it is the promise of a better future. And now, it is here. What a precious gift it is--what a magical miracle--to live in a time where...

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Why The World Needs Black Feminist Movements

In this conversation with the co-founders of the newly established, and first ever, global Black Feminist Fund (BFF), we explore why Black women have been disproportionately neglected by foundations and what is being done to address the issues. Co-founders Hakima...

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