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“This February, The Black Feminist Fund convened 100 members of the Black Feminists in Philanthropy Network (BFiP). This was part of the broader Black Feminisms Forum which brought together 400 Black feminist organisers, activists, scholars, artists and philanthropy leaders in Barbados to dream of the Black feminist worlds we deserve, need, and in fact are already building. A few weeks later, I still don’t have adequate vocabulary to describe the Forum’s importance and necessity for all in the room and online.”

Equality Fund

“One unique element of the Black Feminisms Forum was the intentional and impactful inclusion of both young and old. The Forum’s youngest attendee was two years old and the eldest was 89! The elder’s day was dedicated to the community elders who have paved the way for the rest of us in Black Feminist movements. I had the privilege of accompanying Peggy Antrobus– a stalwart in the Caribbean feminist movement and an activist, renowned author, and scholar from Grenada– on her journey from Toronto to Barbados. We shared laughs, stories, and many memories. This was an example of the uniquely intersectional and intergenerational approach to partnership that Black feminists lead, one that fosters generational connection, nurtures leadership in overlooked spaces, and embodies collective care.”

Intersect Antigua

“These categories cannot contain our movement – from the verve of spontaneous vogueing at the forum’s opening dinner, to the sensuous curves of Black feminists’ hips undulating with the sweetest wine, to our mobilizing against imperial violence. They cannot contain our erotic power: the erotic as felt knowledge, the erotic as vitality, the erotic as opacité. Not only can Black women’s sensorial and geographic knowledge not be contained, they also cannot easily be mapped onto prescriptive, political grids of intelligibility.”

African Feminism

“The world is on fire. Empire is crumbling everywhere. Empire is responding as it knows best – silencing, oppressive, leveraging all the isms, and the mighty patriarchy, to remind us how mighty empire is – and how it can crush us all with its boots, like the ants we are.”

South Florida Caribbean News

On Monday, February 5th, the Black Feminist Fund (BFF) is convened the 2024 Global Black Feminisms Forum, a gathering of close to 300  Black feminist activists, scholars, policy makers, cultural workers and funders from over 60 countries across AfricaEurope, the Middle East and the Americas. This groundbreaking event is a unique opportunity to celebrate and honour the contributions of Black feminists across diverse social movements, and to build stronger relationships globally.


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A Love Letter to Black Feminist Movements

I remember the first time I settled into the embrace of Black feminism made flesh. It was September 2016 and I had joined 200 other people on the Bahian shore of the Atlantic Ocean to get a small taste of a wild dream: the one-of-a-kind Black Feminist Forum.

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A Love Letter to Black Feminist Movements

A Love Letter to Black Feminist Movements

"The Black Feminist Fund is the legacy that we have inherited; as much as it is the culmination of a collective dream; as much as it is the promise of a better future. And now, it is here. What a precious gift it is--what a magical miracle--to live in a time where...

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Why The World Needs Black Feminist Movements

In this conversation with the co-founders of the newly established, and first ever, global Black Feminist Fund (BFF), we explore why Black women have been disproportionately neglected by foundations and what is being done to address the issues. Co-founders Hakima...

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