Our Advocacy

The Black Feminist Fund (BFF) emerged from a decade long conversation between Black feminist organizers in communities across the globe imagining a vehicle to remove one of our steepest barriers – funding the work.

Our Priorities

The Black Feminist Fund is an intervention in the dire state of under-funding of Black feminist movements. We know that a single fund is not enough. We need to advocate for more and better funding to Black feminist movements, particularly in the Global South. We combine the power of stories and number through our research, we organize Black women and gender expansive people working in the sector, and we are building a base of Black women donors.


  • $We will track the funding to Black feminist movements around the globe
  • $We host a network of Black women and gender expansive people that organize and politicize each other.
  • $We invest in young Black feminist leaders in philanthropy
  • $We organize alongside our funding partners to challenge the sector for more dollars to all Black feminists

Where is the money for Black Feminist Movements?

Black feminist movements face dire under-resourcing despite being at the forefront of many struggles for social justice globally. Read the full report to learn about the funding barriers and Black feminist movements achievements despite these.

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Black Feminists in Philanthropy Network


We are Bringing it B(l)ack and building a global network of Black feminists in philanthropy working collectively to build community and power, mobilizing unprecedented resources toward Black feminist movements. We know that one global fund is not enough. We work with others to begin to fund or increase their funding to Black feminist movements.

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Black Feminist Fellows


The Fellowship program is the Black Feminist Fund’s emerging leaders program. Through this program we seek to mentor, train, learn from and draw on the insights, experience and knowledge of Black women and gender expansive people to enrich our work.

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Our Open Letter to Philanthropy

Black women receive between 0.1% – 0.35% of foundation funding annually. Yet, it is unavoidably visible globally that Black women are necessary leaders at mobilizing and sustaining grassroots movements as well as at building the alternatives and solutions to crises. The Black Feminist Fund is raising $100 million to move resources to Black feminist movements because we know that our movements deserve this level of support and so much more. This letter is an invitation, not a single transaction.

Our Campaigns


 We organize Black feminists and allies in and out of philanthropy to make the case with us for more, and better funding to Black feminists globally. We mobilize and leverage our influence to demand change.We make interventions for Black feminists to access the resources they deserve.

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