Our Calling

Black feminists transform societies, systems, cultures and economies. The time is now to support the power of Black feminist movements.

We want Black feminist movements experience with funding to be different. As Black women and gender expansive people, we are often confronted with a society and philanthropy that responds to us with “No!” At the Black Feminist Fund, we start with a “Yes!”

We continue to demonstrate how resources and power can shift social change, but change cannot happen if it isn’t resourced well. By connecting Black women donors to grassroots Black feminist organizations, we have shifted the narrative of how Black women: create, sustain, and fund their own movements.

We stand as a model for the philanthropic sector; we are the solidarity funding that Black women deserve.

Our Vision

We envision a world where we are free; where Black women, girls and gender expansive people live into their power and reflect the light of our collective pasts, present, and futures. We envision a world where we are safe, cared for, and where self-determination and autonomy are guaranteed. Our vision is Black. It is for a world where political and economic systems are enabling and nurturing people and the planet. Our vision is for a world that is breathing, one where ecological and climate justice have been achieved. Our vision is for a world where our freedom abounds.

The Black Feminist Fund will significantly increase the resources available to Black feminist movements globally and radically change the way Black feminist movements are funded.

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