Our Work


We provide core, long term and flexible grants to Black feminist -led and -serving organizations in Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe.

Our grant-making program is:

  • $Participatory
  • $Inclusive
  • $Community-led
  • $Context-informed

It is designed with low barriers and reporting to allow widespread access to funding. We are committed to providing funding access to Black feminists who are most often denied support from mainstream funders.


Through research, we get to the bottom of the under-resourcing of Black feminist movements. We reveal the extent and the reasons for philanthropy missing the mark. But we don’t stop there. We seek to change it.

Philanthropic Advocacy

We organize Black feminists and allies in and out of philanthropy to make the case with us for more, and better funding to Black feminists globally. We mobilize and leverage our influence to demand change. We know that one global fund is not enough. We work with others to begin to fund or increase their funding to Black feminist movements. We make interventions for Black feminists to access the resources they deserve.

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