Black Feminists in Philanthropy

Welcome to the Black Feminists in Philanthropy Network!

What is BFiP?

Black Feminist Fund (BFF) is building a global network of Black feminists in philanthropy working collectively to build community and power, mobilizing unprecedented resources toward Black feminist movements.

There are more Black women, trans and nonbinary leaders in philanthropy than at any other point in history. Despite being systematically excluded from philanthropic spaces, we know we are among the most philanthropic. Our bold leadership of private foundations, feminist funds, donor advisory firms, and funder networks is critical to shaking up the sector and driving more resources to Black feminist movements that build the worlds we all need.

The BFIP network fosters a space to honor and nourish the leadership and well-being of Black feminists as we navigate a shifting sector. We convene regularly to build community and support each other; deepen our understanding of Black feminist movements and the state of their resourcing; and exchange learnings and strategies so we can increase funding and more abundantly resource Black feminist movements globally.   

Why we need the BFiP Network

One of the biggest barriers Black feminist organizers face in their work is their lack of access to long-term funding. 59% of Black feminist organizations do not have access to resources for the next fiscal year.

The BFF is committed to growing a philanthropic network where we can connect philanthropy to the wisdom and power of Black feminist movements across the globe, and resource them like we want them to win. Today our philanthropic network consists of roughly 100 Black feminists from across the world working within private foundations, feminist funds, community foundations, and as wealth advisors.

Who can join the BFIP Network?

The BFF is committed to creating a community of self-identified Black women, trans and non-binary people – in all their diversities – who are working within philanthropic institutions. We aspire to curate a space where we can freely dream, strategize and build relationships in service of Black feminist movements – in our roles as funding partners, but also as our whole selves.

How do I join the BFIP Network?

Do you identify as a Black woman, trans or non-binary person working in philanthropy? Join our community here:

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