Social Justice Leaders #OnWhatMatters: Hilary Pennington with Tynesha McHarris

by | Oct 7, 2021

What is Black feminism and how is the Black Feminist Fund moving funds to work led by Black women? In this episode of #OnWhatMatters, Black Feminist Fund co-founder, Tynesha McHarris, speaks with Ford Foundation vice president of program, Hilary Pennington, on her work and how she dreamed up this new radical philanthropic initiative at her kitchen table.

“When you find yourself on a cliff, the scary part is, you know, you feel the dangling. I think that’s when the things that we thought were never possible happen—because what else do we have to risk? And I think we’re in that kind of moment, so I am deciding to be hopeful. I think we might break some things we never thought could be broken.” To learn more about the Black Feminist Fund and their work, you can read more here in our Q&A with the three co-founders:

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