Our Grantmaking

Black feminist activists are changing the world.  Yet, Black feminist movements are among the most under-funded. We are here to change that.  

The purpose of the Black Feminist Fund is to significantly increase the resources available to Black feminist movements. When Black feminist groups have the resources they deserve, they are strengthened to transform societies.  Moving resources over the long term to Black feminist movements unlocks the power and potential of this change.  We make grants to Black feminist groups that have bold visions, are using innovative strategies and taking daring action towards self-determination, justice, solidarity and equity.

We support groups that are constituency-led. We aim to put resources in the hands of activists who are advancing their own rights and building their own movements for social change. We work with groups that are led by Black women, girls and gender expansive people.

Our grantmaking is based on a set of principles that are rooted in Black feminisms:

  • Trust based
  • Participatory
  • Community-led
  • Context responsive
  • Movement accountable 
  • Cooperation not competition
  • The last first
  • Creating bold, welcoming and accessible spaces
  • Making new rules and models to value Black women

The Black Feminist Fund provides funding and accompaniment to Black feminist groups in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. 

The Black Feminist Fund resources registered and non-registered groups that are at the forefront of ​Black feminist resistance​, who are building Black feminist joy, creativity, alternatives and futures, and who strengthen the Black feminist movement architecture and infrastructure in their communities and transnationally​.

During our first year of grantmaking, we have:

  • Made over 14 million in commitments to Black feminist groups around the world.
  • Funded Black feminist groups in 28 countries around the world (24 countries in the Global South and 4 countries in the Global North).
  • Provided 21 eight-year Sustain Fund grants: 6 in South and Central America, 5 in Africa, 4 in the Caribbean, 4 in North America and Europe, and 2 in the Middle East.
  • Given grants to 18 unregistered groups. 
  • Funded 12 new groups (established since 2019)

Our Funds

We provide all of our grantmaking through two participatory grantmaking Funds: The Sustain Fund and the Solidarity Fund. 

The Sustain Fund provides core, long-term, flexible grants to Black feminist groups, collectives, organisations and consortium who work to build collective power, claim justice and create alternatives. From the second year of partnership, we provide grantee partners with opportunities for exchange and learning. The Sustain Fund is currently closed.

The Solidarity Fund is focused on resourcing solidarity efforts, such as exchanges, spaces of co-creation/strategizing and cross-learning, convening, joint campaigns, solidarity delegations and other similar activities. The application window is now closed.

The Black Feminist Fund is a participatory fund. The grantmaking decisions are made by the Black Feminist Grant Review Committee.

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